Looking to improve your freestyle swimming?

Book a one-to-one session

Looking to improve your freestyle swimming?

Book a one-to-one session

Welcome to Swimmer Reborn powered by Swim Smooth, a company that provides World Class swim video analysis & swim coaching in Acton, West London.

I work with all levels of swimmer from beginner to professional athletes, from recreational swimmer looking to improve their stroke to professional triathletes who are looking to find that extra 1%. If you are looking to improve your swim I’d love to help.

Why swim video analysis?

The direct power of swim video analysis should not be underestimated. It can help you improve your swimming way faster than reading books or watching video clips online. Most people are visual learners so being able to see yourself swim from all angles can make it so much easier to improve your stroke. As we know, what you think you are doing doesn’t really correlate with what you are doing a lot of the time!

The investment in one of these 90minute swim sessions will pay back exponentially because the number one factor that holds swimmers back is the incredible amount of misinformation, conflicting advice and poor coaching guidance that is currently out there. It pains me to see the outdated methods that are currently still be taught to swimmers. Learning to swim better shouldn’t be as difficult or as complex as some people like to make it. There is a simple way for you to swim better and find the love and enjoyment of swimming. I can help you find that next step.

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Client testimonials

Julian’s incredibly good at what he’s doing.

How excellent Julian is at coaching becomes instantly clear when you start working together after the video part. It’s not only the technical advice, it’s his listening skills, years and years of experience, continuous development, and insight into the body and soul of each swimmer that make him so unique.

Julian enabled me to enjoy swimming for the first time in years!

During his sessions, his attention to detail and expert knowledge is second to none. As a coach he understands you as a person and supplies tailored guidance and always explains the WHY.

Julian's helping me with long distance swimming plans and stroke correction.

I found the video analysis particularly helpful and learnt something new after every session. After every assessment Julian develops and adapts my program based on how I progressed and based on specific areas of focus needed for the next block.

Swim Blog

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Welcome to Swimmer Reborn powered by Swim Smooth!

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The power of swim video analysis

I'll never forget the first time I saw some video footage of me swimming underwater, to say I was shocked would-be understatement. I didn’t believe it was me and thought they had mistakenly showed me another swimmers footage! That weird...

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Coach blog: How to unlock your catch & pull

If there is one technical element that is consistent right across the board with many of the world’s best swimmers, it's good alignment. This is in stark contrast to how many of them look in the water. Technique even the highest of levels can look so different. Some...

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